“It’s rare to find someone with more of that than Vivian Tenorio. Against all odds, she defied the stereotypes and charted her own course. I admire her business achievements and I’m delighted that I’ve come to know Vivian as a trusted friend.”

Tory Johnson | New York Times Bestselling Author | Founder of Spark & Hustle | Good Morning America contributor







“Vivian’s real world insights get beyond the sugarcoating of running a food business she serves the reader a savory visual into the powerful mindset of an amazing entrepreneur.”   Jennifer Abernethy | President | The Sales Lounge


“Any budding entrepreneur should immediately read this book for an open discussion about the opportunities, obstacles and rewards starting your own business will bring.”   Alison Newton | Founder |  Alison Newton Consulting Services




“A good read all around, Vivian provides a practical guide with nuggets of useful information for women starting and growing their businesses.Beth Smith | Editor-in-Chief | Hybrid Mom