Playing Pretend Law of Attraction Planner: I’ve decided to live the life I’ve always wanted



Ever dream about creating a completely different life? Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? If so, you may as well know that the #1 rule of the Law of Attraction is to “feel as if” to live as if that of which you desire is already here present.

This Play Pretend Journal is designed for just that. It’s the tool you need to journal with, visualize and document the life you want to manifest as if it was already here.

Inside you will find a guided journal with the 3 steps you can follow daily to help you manifest your true life. Use the journal daily, journal as if the things that you want just happened today. Think of this journal as your Play Pretend journal or even a parallel life journal. You’ll journal not your real life and what really happened today, but the pretend life.

Think of it like this… re-write your day how you wished it would have played out. This is your script and the life you will live. It will start in your dreams then move into this journal and then into existence.

Share in vivid detail. Tell the journal about the weather, what you ate for lunch, who you spoke with, what you’re working on. It will help you feel it, see it, experience it and day dream your life into existence.

“Everything in this journal shall come to be” with love, Vivian


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