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Welcome to Girl on Purpose Radio, my name is Vivian Tenorio former CEO of Signature Flan turned radio and TV host and each weekday you are given the opportunity to listen in on our conversations, as my guests and I share the secrets to our successes, the spirited stories of our failures, as well as incredible tips and insights for starting a business, becoming an entrepreneur and finding fulfillment. We make it all relatable and doable; we’re opening up our playbooks to pave the way for you to take our lead.

Why you should join my tribe: Many professionals will hear how I began and launched my product line and say I did it all wrong. They would probably say, “You first need a 20 page business plan, hire a consultant, hire a sales team and raise startup money.” I would agree with it to an extent. But what I have discovered is that most aspiring food entrepreneurs often get overwhelmed with all the things that have to happened before they even know if their product line will take off. And they give up on that dream because its not worth it to them to go through all the red tape, spend their lives savings, and sign lengthy contracts to just see what could come out of this idea they have dreamt of for so long.

What I Believe…

I believe true happiness is doing what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want. Everything I do, I believe in challenging the status quo.

I challenge the status quo by creating a life by design, crushing mediocrity and by seeing opportunity when others see impossibility. I don’t just challenge the status quo. I also offer others an alternative.

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