pink slip to product launch in a weak economyThis is the amazing story of overcoming personal fears and limited resources, using gut instincts, initiative and just plain hard work to create a thriving business, as told by the creator of Signature Flan. Faced with a possible layoff because of the weak economy, Vivian decided to take a treasured family recipe from her personal kitchen and eventually establish nationwide distribution of her product to specialty stores, including Whole Foods Markets, her first major buyer.

Follow Vivian’s story as she overcomes the roadblocks that are put in front of anyone who attempts to start a business from scratch. This book will inspire others to follow their personal dream of starting a business. The nuggets of information she offers to the reader are priceless.

A special gift from the author is a list of useful resources that she used in creating her successful business. These hints will be a great aid to anyone who has aspirations of going into their own business and could save hours of research time for those considering a new venture.

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